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Our Discovery Boxes are designed for the adventurous cook in pursuit of new and uncommon things to cook. You’ll find unbelievably flavourful grilling cuts like flat irons, denvers and skirts, and equally complex and deeply flavoured braising cuts like chuck roasts, shanks, beef cheeks or sirloin tips. And the best part, these masterfully crafted cuts of beef won’t bust a hole in your wallet.

We often purchase whole or half animals for our local farmers and break them down ourselves. From these we extract a handful of amazing steaks that aren’t necessarily suitable for dry aging but are still tender, packed with a ton of flavour and won’t break the bank. We’re talking flanks, skirts, flatirons, denvers and so many more. They’re great lightly seasoned with S&P but versatile enough to take on a rub or a marinade before you put them on a hot charcoal grill.

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