Steak Almighty was a side project turned new venture, by me, Dayton Pereira, a tech entrepreneur of 20 years with a deeply rooted love for food, cooking and BBQ. I tried my first dry aged steak at Jacobs Steakhouse in Toronto, it was, at the risk of sounding cheesy, love at first bite.

Fast forward to 2017, I experimented with dry aging at home. I used a short loin for 50 days using dry age vacuum bags, the result was a tender, juicy steak with a remarkably deep beefy flavour. The production of this wonderful creation however was stressful, inconvenient, risky and decidedly not worth the effort.

While quality butcher shops offer dry aged steaks, it means an in person visit to a store across town. Buying from local farmers means a freezer full of assorted frozen meats. There had to be a way to acquire a great dry aged steak with the buying experience of Amazon and the convenience of home delivery.

And then Covid happened.

Among so many other things, Covid-19 exposed the weakness of a centralized food supply chain and created a tidal wave of consumer behavioural change towards a locally sourced food supply from independent farmers.

That brings us to right now, still in the midst of the pandemic and a perfect time to launch a new venture. With a small batch of locally sourced whole ribs and short loins dry aging in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, this extraordinary experiment is underway.

I think you’re going to like it, and can’t wait for you to try it out.


Transparent and traceable

You should know where your food comes, the farmer that raised it and what it took to get it to your table. It takes a little work, but its work we're willing to do. It matters to us and it matters to you.

Support local family farms

We support local family farms which means that when you enjoy a Steak Almighty steak, you do too. Small farms put love, care and attention into raising cattle on pastures using sustainable farming practices. Buying local doesn’t have to be difficult.

Less is more

We are huge supporters of eating well balanced diets that may well include a higher intake of plant based foods and eating less red meat. But when you do choose to take that bite of beef, don't settle for less than the best.

Be kind to mother nature

We're committed to caring for our environment in everything we do, from carefully choosing to work with farmers who ethically raise their animals, to the eco friendly compostable materials we use to pack our beef, to the zero waste policy we have by using every part of the whole animal by making delicious stocks from beef bones and tallow from fat.

Online first

Steak Almighty is an internet first company and operates exclusively as an online store. We don’t have any retail locations that you might walk into. Instead we're open online all the time.